The WYBA offers multiple programs for girls and boys from grades 3-12 and of varying skill levels. Programs include travel basketball through the MetroWest Basketball League, an In-Town recreation program, a High School recreation league, and occasional skills clinics

In-Town Rec

$ 175 / Child
  • Boys Grades 3-8
    Girls Grades 3-9
  • Everyone Makes a Team
  • $350 Family Max Applies
  • Uniform Shirt Included
  • 1 Practice & 1 Game per Week
  • Year End Tourney (Grades 5-8)

Travel Basketball

$ 175 / Child + In-Town Fee
  • Boys & Girls Grades 3-8
  • Tryout & Selection Required
  • Additional cost to In-Town Rec
    Family Max does not apply
  • Jersey/Shorts extra (if needed)
  • 2 Practices & 1 Game per week
  • 2 Tournaments per year

High School Rec

$ 175 / Child
  • Boys Grades 9-12

  • Everyone Makes a Team
  • $350 Family Max Applies
  • Uniform Shirt Included
  • 2 Games per Week
  • Season Ending Tournament

Preseason Clinics

$ 60 / Child
  • Hosted by Walpole HS Boys and Girls Coaches: Jenna Galster & Dave Wall
  • Boys & Girls Grades 3-8: All Skill Levels
  • Five 1 hour sessions weekly
  • Wednesday Sessions start Sept. 7th
    Sunday sessions start Sept 11th
  • Limited Spots: 30 per session

Preseason Clinics

Boys & Girls Grades 3-8

The preseason clinics hosted by WHS boys’ & girls’ varsity coaches Jenna Galster & Dave Wall are set to begin on Wednesday Sept. 7th. Each session will run for 5 weeks and end on October 9th.

The clinics are open to all boys & girls, of all skill levels, in 3rd – 8th grade. Spots are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis, so register your child today.

Each session is capped at 30 players

Boys3-54pm-5pm WHS
Boys6-85pm-6pm WHS
Girls3-59am-10am WHS
Girls6-810am-11am WHS
Boys3-56pm-7pm WHS
Boys6-87pm-8pm WHS
Girls3-56pm-7pm WHS

In-Town Rec

Boys Grades 3-8
Girls Grades 3-9

2022 Eval Schedule
GenderGradesSaturday Nov 19, 2022
Boys3-412:45pm - 1:45pm BIRD
Boys5-611:15am - 12:15pm ELM
Boys7-812:30pm - 1:30pm ELM
Girls3-48:30am - 9:30am JMS
Girls5,6 & 710:00am - 11:00am ELM

The intramural program, also known as REC Basketball, is open to every Walpole child registered regardless of skill level.

This program is the foundation of the entire WYBA program in that, because children develop physically, socially and emotionally at different rates, a child has the opportunity to play and develop skills and confidence without the stress and pressure of travel programs.

Teams are selected via draft with the intent of developing equal competition throughout all levels.  Every team practices throughout the season for 1 hour on Saturdays with games on Sundays (or vice versa).

This program begins the first weekend in December and concludes the first weekend of March. Those children participating in the intramural (REC) program must attend a 60-minute clinic in November.  These clinics are required even for those children who may have tried out for a travel team but were not selected.


Travel Basketball

Girls & Boys Grades 3-8

This is an extremely competitive program designed for those children interested in a higher level of competition.  This program runs from approx.  October 15 – March 15.  Every team practices twice weekly for 90 minutes per practice with games on Sundays.  There is an additional fee for participating in this program, which will be outlined in the registration material.

Travel teams will consist of between 10 or 12 players per team.  The board of directors reserves the right to review and adjust team roster sizes as it sees fit.  With many kids trying out, it is a very difficult task selecting a team.  Mistakes can be made; however, with the experienced coaching staff and selection committees, they do the best job they can.  Bear in mind, everyone involved is a volunteer.

Eligibility for Metrowest teams:

Boys and Girls in grades 3 – 8 are eligible to tryout for a Metrowest team.  Boys and Girls in 3rd grade will tryout for the 4th grade team while all other grades field teams at the appropriate level.

You must be a resident of Walpole to have your child tryout for this program.

High School Rec

Boys Grades 9-12

The High School Recreation league is open to all Walpole Resident Non-JV and Non-Varsity Players. Players on the Freshmen high school team can play.

Boys High School Rec Program

The Walpole Boys High School Rec Program is the best REC League in the State and we are proud to keep the tradition alive. Colleges dream of this type of REC Program

The High School rec clinic will take place in December and the season will start in January. Specific dates are TBD and will be posted once they are finalized.

Girls High School Rec Program

Due to low enrollment, there will not be a Girls High School Rec Program for the current season. However, we encourage freshman to register and play with a larger and more robust 7/8/9 division!