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Walpole Three-on-Three Basketball

Tournament Rules 



-          Team must register together with the registrar 30 minutes before your first scheduled game.  Teams will not be admitted on the court until all fees have been paid and the registration form signed by all parties.

-          Size 28.5 balls will be used for 4th,  5th and 6th grade Boys’ divisions and all Girls’ divisions.  Regulation sized balls will be used for 7th and 8th grade Boys’ divisions.  In the event of a cross-grade game, the larger ball will be used.

-          ALL teams will be eligible to play each other.  That means teams can play other teams from other grades during the round robin.

-          Each game will be played on a half court. Half-court is out of bounds. If there is no half-court line, it is at the referee’s discretion.

-          Only tournament basketballs will be allowed in the gym; a player may not bring his/her own ball into the gym.



-          MetroWest rules apply. 

-          Players can be substituted freely at any stoppage during a game.  A team can play with 2 players, but must start a game with 3 players.

-          A game is 10 minutes long with a continuous running clock.

-          Referee will determine which team will “shoot sudden from the top of the key” for taking the ball into play first (do or die).  Team that doesn’t get the ball at the beginning of the game gets possession on the 1st jump ball. 

-          Alternate possession on jump balls.

-          Each basket counts as one (1) point. 

-          “Losers” take out.

-          After a whistle or a basket, change of possession must begin at the top of the key.    

-          A “check” must be made in all in-bounds situations.

-          Offense must pass the ball after a “check”.

-          Defense cannot come out past the free throw line during a “check”. 

-          After all other changes of possession, the ball must be cleared past the free throw line.

-          If a player scores a basket and is fouled in the process (and 1), then his team receives possession of the ball again.

-          In the last minute of the game, the offense will “check” the ball with the ref, the ref looks to see that the defense is ready, then the ref gives the ball back to the offense and play begins.



-          If a foul is committed, the opposing team takes ball out at top of the key.  There will be no shooting fouls.

-          Each player has a limit of four fouls before he is fouled out of that game

-          You will be eliminated from the game after the first technical foul is committed, and eliminated from the tournament and ejected from the premises if a second technical foul is committed.  Technical fouls may be called for, but not limited to, bad language, unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, etc.



-          A regular (non-playoff) game will be official as a “tie” in the standings.

-          A playoff game ending regulation time as a tie will continue with no stoppage in play.  The first team to score wins the game.



-          Failure to be on court at scheduled time.

-          If three players cannot start game.

-          If at least two players cannot continue game.



-          Each division will have a team champion. Trophies will be awarded to the champions.