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Frequently Asked Questions


Must all players try out for a Travel team ?

No. Only those players wanting to play in the travel program must tryout. Those players must attend two of the three scheduled tryouts.

When are Travel tryouts ?

The tryouts are held each October on three afternoons or evenings.

Who is eligible for the Travel clinics ?

These clinics are available to all male and female players in grades 4-8.  Playing in the WYBA in prior years is not a prerequisite. The Clinics are to be paid for when you register for WYBA season. Registration opens August 1st.

My child didn't play for a travel team last year. Can they attend the Preseason Basketball Clinics ?

Absolutely all children are invited to the clinics. Please see link for "Preseason Basketball Clinics for more details.

If my child wants to tryout for a Travel team, when do I mail my travel registration fee ?

Travel team registration fees should be mailed AFTER the travel teams have been selected in October. ALL players should register and send in their base registration fee before October 1.

How will my child know if they made a travel team ?

Within 72 hours of the last tryout, the rosters for each team will be posted on this web site.

How long is the Recreation League's season ?

The season usually begins with a first practice in the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend. The season usually concludes the first weekend in March. Players will be provided with game shirts. Trophies will be provided to each league's finalists.

What are important deadlines ?

All players should register by October 1 for the upcoming season. This deadline is for all travel and recreation players.

Our 3v3 tournament is held each year in March. Regsitration for that tournament starts in February and must be received one week before the tournament.

I missed walk-in registration. Can I still register ?

Yes. Registration stays open until either the travel tryouts or recreational clinics depending upon which league the child wants to play in. We accept registrations even after the recreational league games have started in December.

What is the policy on playing time ?

In the recreational league, all playing time is equal. Quarters are 4 minutes in length. At the end of each quarter substitutions are made.

The travel program strives to provide a more competitive atmosphere which some players and parents desire. Players have at least two practices per week, one game each Sunday and 1-2 tournaments. Each coach has their own style but the goal of the entire program is to develop players. Hard work, attendance, attentiveness, etc. all play into each coach's decision on playing time.

In 2005-6 the WYBA board has revised its by laws to promote more equitable playing for all travel players.

What level of experience do I need to coach ?

Since our goal is to teach children the game of basketball, some knowledge of the game is required. In the travel program, we look for coaches who have extensive basketball experience (played high school/college, coached previously, etc.) to teach the finer points of the game. But the primary focus in selecting coaches will be how they teach children. Patience, understanding and fairness are key qualities.

How are children selected for travel teams ?

Each age/sex group has three tryouts. During these tryouts, the travel coaches for each group review and rank each player. Other volunteers who are not coaches in that group run the tryouts and provide their own evaluations. At the end of all tryouts, each coach meets with the league coordinator to decide on the number of players, teams and players themselves.

If a child doesn't make a team or the team they so desired, please don't consider it the end of their basketball career ! Basketball can be fun at any level. Each player should make the most of the team they are chosen for.

What is the difference between travel and rec leagues ?

Travel teams play other towns (ex. Franklin, Newton, Norwood, etc.). Typically half the schedule is away games. Travel teams are more intense requiring harder work, better attention, independent work, etc. Just because a player makes the travel team doesn't mean the work is over. It's just beginning.

Recreational teams only play within Walpole. Practices are once a week at the beginning of the season and then it is only games as the season progresses. The league is designed to be much less intensive while still teaching children the fundamentals of the game. There have been numerous cases of recreational players playing basketball for a high school team. That is usually the result of each player working on their own.

We ski some weekends in the winter. Can my child still play ?

Depending on how many weekends you will be away, yes, your child can still play. However, sports teaches skills like committment, teamwork and responsibility. So registering for an activity and then missing a large portion of the season may not be wise. If you have a specific situation, please contact one of the WYBA officers via email.

My child is in the 2nd grade but they are either a) old or b) big for their grade or c) all their friends are in the 3rd grade. Can they play ?

No. The WYBA only accepts applications for children in grades 3 through 12. The Walpole Recreation Department has basketball leagues for younger children as do the various YMCA's.

How do 3rd graders get selected for the recreational league ?

There are NO tryouts or clinics for 3rd graders for the recreational league. After the draft of 4th graders, 3rd graders are placed on teams by the Recreational League Director. Third graders will be notified of their team by their coach the week of Thanksgiving.

I would like to sign my 3rd grade children up for basketball, but I need to know the schedules before hand. Is this only Saturday games?

3rd graders could play in one of two leagues.  If they make a travel team, there are two practices per week and a game on Saturday.  Half of the games are played in another town.  There are also 2-3 tournaments which take place on weekends and school vacation weeks..  If they want to play in the recreational league, there is one practice and one game per week.  Both the practices and games are on weekends.  All games are played in Walpole.  We don't know the exact date and time for any practice or game until all players have registered which is usually near December 1.

When is the recreational league clinic ?

This clinic is usually held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. 3rd graders do not attend the clinic just grades 4th to 8th grade boys and girls who will be playing REC.  all 3rd Graders will be placed on teams by coaches. The draft of players is then held 1-2 days after the clinic. Players are notified by their coaches during Thanksgiving week.

Can my child be a referee ?

No.  Since 2005-6, the WYBA has decided to use adult referees at all of its games.

How can I get a registration fee refund ?

Usually refunds arise when scheduling conflicts don't allow a player to attend the practices and/or games. The fastest way to get a refund is to send an email to the with: the name of the player, the name of the person we should make the check out to, address, city, state, zip, telephone number plus the amount you are looking for in a refund. Refunds usually involve a coordinated effort to get the check out, notify the coach, potentially fill a spot on a team, etc. It may take 2-4 weeks to receive your check.

I don't live in Walpole but still want to play in the WYBA.  Can I ?

No.  Our by-laws state the following: 

A player must be a resident of Walpole in order to play in the Walpole Youth Basketball Association.

A child is NOT eligible to if they are:

  • A student at Blessed Sacrament School but NOT a resident of Walpole
  • A student at any Walpole public school via the Metco program
  • A relative of a resident of Walpole but they themselves do not reside in Walpole
  • A recently former resident of Walpole

 A child is eligible if they: 

  • Are a resident of Walpole
  • Are a resident of Walpole who attends a school outside of Walpole
  • Move from Walpole to another town after the season’s games start
  • Move into Walpole from another town after the season’s games starts

But Metrowest says I can play.  How come Walpole says NO ?

The WYBA follows most of the Metrowest eligibility rules BUT the WYBA, as well as any other town in the Metrowest program, can make exceptions to the rules. 

But other youth sports in Walpole say I can play their sport.  How come Walpole basketball says no ?

Each youth sport organization in Walpole is a separate entity with separate by laws.  Our basketball board has created and voted on, more than once, the eligibility rules as they are stated above.